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New Hampshire Family Photographer | Personal Project 366 - 2020: Week 8

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

50/366 | Wednesday February 19, 2020

The person we bought this house from is a ninny. One of the many things, he installed all the brackets for the blinds upside down (the top was clearly marked "TOP"), so they weren't really secure. We found this out when we were already in bed and needed to shut the blinds and one little tug made it all come off. So it broke.


51/366 | Thursday February 20, 2020

My wonderful husband sealing up the drafty windows makes my heart so full. Hooray for some warmth!


52/366 | Friday February 21, 2020

Margarita's date night! We spent almost two and a half hours here tonight, not on purpose. Not sure what was going on at the restaurant this time.


53/366 | Saturday February 22, 2020

I've been so preoccupied with the move and all the new changes that I almost forgot to go to Grace's baby shower today. Glad I did though! Also, if you were ever wondering what happens after any Indonesian social event, here is Sharon and Rachel graciously bagging up some bakso for me. So thankful for people who understand me!


54/366 | Sunday February 23, 2020

Still trying to figure out what our evening routine is. So far, it's Pete using his laptop and me using my phone at the kitchen table. And both of us taking our meds. Ahhh adulthood.


55/366 | Monday February 24, 2020

Helloooooo third trimester hunger, apparently! Nine PM and scrounging the fridge.


56/366 | Tuesday February 25, 2020

Couldn't choose one photo for this day. My mom texted me telling me to come by this afternoon and I spent a good couple hours before I was able to get there worrying that she had some terrible news to tell us. So after the gym, I drove over and lo and behold it's MY OPA STANDING IN THE KITCHEN. From HALFWAY AROUND THE GLOBE. Out of freaking NOWHERE. Still in shock. And I obviously had to wait til Sharon got home from work, too, to see her reaction. I think we had the same shock and confusion. Like what in the world...


Check back for next week's Project 366 photos.

Why am I doing a 366 Day Photo Project? Find out here.

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