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New Hampshire Family Photographer | Personal Project 366 - 2020: Week 7

43/366 | Wednesday February 12, 2020

My view every morning after Pete leaves for work.


44/366 | Thursday February 13, 2020

Morning goodbyes: a daily early morning scene.


45/366 | Friday February 14, 2020

Just another one of those nights where we get all our Chik-fil-a food for $0.00! Pete had his own identical tray. Happy Valentine's Day!


46/366 | Saturday February 15, 2020

Moved 3 more car/van loads of stuff to the new house today with the help of this guy + his mom + Sharon. Abram was really excited to peel the plastic off our new kitchen appliances and cabinets. He also gained a new tabletop pool table for helping.


47/366 | Sunday February 16, 2020

A long night at the new house. Tried to unpack some boxes and set up the new kitchen shelves so we could empty the food boxes to make room for the big move tomorrow. We. Are. Tired.


48/366 | Monday February 17, 2020

Today was our big move-in day! We started around 9am and everyone was out by 2pm (ish). Grateful for friends and family who helped move everything over. We had frozen pizzas for lunch. Heated up burritos for dinner. Now it's just move-in overwhelm...


49/366 | Tuesday February 18, 2020

My main goal today was getting our bedroom and kitchen to be at the point where I could actually use it without running into too many issues. I accomplished this goal. We celebrated by making cookies in our new kitchen, and it felt so good.


Why am I doing a 366 Day Photo Project? Find out here.

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