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New Hampshire Family Photographer | Personal Project 366 - 2020: Week 9

57/366 | Wednesday February 26, 2020

Today was a beautiful day to treat myself to a Harvey's maple square.


58/366 | Thursday February 27, 2020

Dad and Opa conversing.


59/366 | Friday February 28, 2020

Date night at the new Cinco's Cantina in Epping! We also ordered their fried ice cream. We love this place, and their owners. 1000% recommend.


60/366 | Saturday February 29, 2020

It's getting really difficult for both of us to fit in the bathroom when brushing our teeth. Yay pregnancy.


61/366 | Sunday March 1, 2020

A trip to IKEA! We spent countless hours in the store and I'm pretty sure they designed the building so that would happen. At least we got a ton of the furniture we so desperately needed! And obviously had to try their Swedish meatballs for dinner.


62/366 | Monday March 2, 2020

Nightly norm:

Me: snacking, Pete: laptop


63/366 | Tuesday March 3, 2020

I get ready to leave and see Kezia frantically working away:

Me: Kezia, is this project due tomorrow or something?

Kezia: "No, not even. It's actually due in two days. I don't know why I'm being like this."



Why am I doing a 366 Day Photo Project? Find out here.

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