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Sessions are starting back up!

But they will look a little different. Here's what we're doing to ensure your safety.

Outdoor sessions only.

To limit the spread of COVID-19, all sessions will take place outdoors while we stay 6 feet away. Take advantage of the sun and capture some memories at your local park or in your own backyard! Still want indoor photos? Sure thing! But we will stay outside and take photos of your family from there.

"But what if my kids don't understand distance?"

No worries! We get it. We do our best at distancing, but because we know there's a possibility that kids might not understand, we will also be wearing masks during the session per CDC recommendations.

We love you, but we won't shake your hand.

When we show up to your session, we'll wave hello and introduce ourselves, but for now, no handshakes (not even high fives).

We're still sanitizing regularly.

We continue to sanitize our equipment before and after each session. We will keep hand sanitizer on hand to use regularly during our session.

Session fee retainers are refundable.

We know you're unsure about the case number in your area. You don't want to book anything too far ahead in case you're uncomfortable by then. So if you book by August 31st, 2020, you may cancel your session at any point before your session date and get your full refund.

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