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Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas | Portsmouth NH Family Photographer

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Tips from your Seacoast NH family photographer:

Stumped on a gift idea? Well here are 5 easy ways you can use photos as gifts --perfect for those difficult people on your list who say they don't need anything!


gift idea christmas card grandkids holding stuffed animals in matching striped christmas pajamas and candy cane headbands

A classic, for sure! Most people who get family photos (especially around Fall/Winter) are looking for cards! Many labs make it easy and have so many templates to choose from. However this can be overwhelming so if you tend to freeze up when there are too many choices, just choose the first one you like and stick with it! No one will know you spent hours agonizing between a template with one photo versus one with two photos. I promise. Also, be sure to check shipping deadlines so you send them out in time! Unless you’re in the “always fashionably late” crowd.

Photo magnets

You know that super adorable photo of your kid that you want everyone to see? Get a magnet of it! Your favorite people will get to see it all year round and it doesn't take up much space at all!

photo magnet on refrigerator

Framed prints

Super easy gift or stocking stuffer! Print some of your favorite photos as 4x6s and put them in these simple frames. The ones shown below are budget friendly from Hobby Lobby. They're not meant to last a lifetime, but they’re priceless once you put a meaningful photo in there. Such a simple gift for family and friends.

framed photographs of kids toddler and baby


Custom calendars from your photo sessions are easy to make, and the end of the year is the perfect time to gift these to people.

Photo books

Grandparents eat these up! Take photos from your favorite memories throughout the year and put them in a book. I know you take soooo many photos, so don't overthink it and just pick 3-4 favorite photos from each month and put them in the book! Don’t go crazy on layouts too. Keep it simple so it doesn’t eat up all your time (plus some of the layouts can get a little tacky).

mom showing boy photo book photo album in living room

BONUS: Family session voucher

family making christmas cookies child licking frosting during family photo session baking cookies boys wearing matching plaid button up shirts

Give the gift of memories! I personally started asking my family for photo session vouchers/gift cards so that I could make sure I would be in the photos. It's so easy to overlook when you have your phone and camera capturing everyone else 24/7 but I've realized it's so important to me that my kiddo has photos and memories of us together. SO, treat your family and treat yourself and make some memories without worrying about taking all the pictures!


This post is written by NH Family and Newborn Photographer in New Hampshire. She serves Seacoast NH towns like Portsmouth, Durham, Dover, Exeter, Seabrook. Based in Rochester, New Hampshire, she also photographs Maine families around Kittery and York Maine and Berwick. These family and newborn photoshoots around New Hampshire and Maine can be lifestyle or documentary. In this post NH family photographer gives easy holiday gift ideas for your families who love getting photo gifts.

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