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New Hampshire Family Photographer | Personal Project 366 - 2020: Week 5

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

29/366 | Wednesday January 29, 2020 Kezia's team won at Berwick today! It was nice to see her play a good portion of the game today. Also, she scored 6 baskets!


30/366 | Thursday January 30, 2020

I'm starting to run out of gym clothes I'm slowly starting to outgrow them. But I'm too stubborn to buy new gym clothes for the last 3 months of pregnancy...


31/366 | Friday January 31, 2020

Give me alllll the Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon butter. #datenight


32/366 | Saturday February 1, 2020

Moved a truck load to the new house today. Set up the crib and bassinet, measured closets, and trying to get used to being inside the new space before officially living there. Made a trip to Home Depot per usual and looked for shelving.


33/366 | Sunday February 2, 2020

This weekend's been a bit insane. Today we went to church, then a birthday party (and ice skated!), and went to a furniture store just to find out that it closed three weeks ago. SO, here we are, at Bob's Furniture. Because they give us cookies and ice cream while we shop.


34/366 | Monday February 3, 2020

Went to UNH today and my, how things have changed. I spent countless hours in this art building over 4 years of my life, and today I had a hard time looking for the bathroom. I finally found it, looked in the mirror, and yup-- I definitely look different than I did the last time I took a self portrait here, ha!


35/366 | Tuesday February 4, 2020

Another snippet of life in this house before we move out. Stairs may be annoying, but I love having some sort of a view living up here.

Why am I doing a 366 Day Photo Project? Find out here.

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