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New Hampshire Family Photographer | Personal Project 366 - 2020: Week 2

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

A little more on time with a post this week! How many times do you have to do something over and over before it becomes a habit, again?

8/366 | Wednesday January 8, 2020

"You bored, Dad?"


I had just packed my camera bag and buried it deep in my backpack when I looked up and saw this. So, iPhone SE camera came to the rescue in order to catch this quiet fleeting moment. Because after all, the best camera you have is the one that's available.


9/366 | Thursday January 9, 2020

Scarfing down leftovers before the gym.

Not seen: the dinner that's cooking on the stove, for after the gym.


10/366 | Friday January 10, 2020

Today I found out the worst news in the worst way possible. The only two things that kept me going the rest of the afternoon was feeling my baby kick, and this guy (and our scheduled date night)-- I guess that makes it three things.


11/366 | Saturday January 11, 2020

Saw some far away friends today, including my old pal Ezra! Turning one is a big deal, but parties are overwhelming when you're an introvert. #meetoobuddy


12/366 | Sunday January 12, 2020

Got to see our far away friends a little more today! Here's a glimpse into that 9 am Sunday morning life.


13/366 | Monday January 13, 2020

Did you ever have an audeteria or cafetorium at your elementary school? Or maybe it was my middle school that had it. Anyway, it's what happens when the school building only has one room to turn into both their cafeteria and auditorium. It's kinda like what happens in our kitchen, which has turned into a catch-all for our groceries, deliveries, wrapping station, studio, and pantry. You work with what you have! Although, this sciatic nerve pain has made it nearly impossible to keep matting photos on the floor (thanks pregnancy). I need a new game plan...


14/366 | Tuesday January 14, 2020

I don't think Pete quite knew what he was getting himself into when he married a photographer. (PS ilysm)

Why am I doing a 366 Day Photo Project? Find out here.


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