Karen Wituszynski NH family photographer

I'm a mediocre mom to an adorable 9 month old. If I happens to get my life together enough to attend a social function, you can be sure to find me behind a camera or within arms reach of the food table. I understand life is crazy, parenting is crazy, and we're all just riding the wave that passes just a little too quickly. This is why I make meaningful family photos and videos for you to look back on.

Read below for the Top 3 Reasons Families Hire Me.

I'm a mom, too.


And I'm ALWAYS the one taking photos. So, even though I have about 4028397 photos of my kiddo, maybe 5% of that number has me in the photos with him. It's not right! That's why I'm so passionate about getting you in your family albums so you can see the amazing legacy you're leaving for your kids. It's the legacy of how much you love them. They'll see it and remember it every time they look at the photographs.


Note: I practice what I preach and have to schedule photography sessions of my own family too!

I can take on those crazy kids of yours.

I'm a former nanny and teacher, so I have over ten years of experience working with children. What does this mean for you? It means your kids are free to be kids during our session! I've developed a few tricks up my sleeve to get kids to interact with me, but I also know when to stop and respect their space and wishes. In the end, whatever happens, it will all be okay. I'll always try to bring out your kids' personalities and will never make them do anything they wouldn't normally do. You can guarantee everyone in the family will have a positive experience.

I make your life easier (because I know you're busy!)

Ever tell yourself this big lie?: "I'm gonna print these for the baby book!" And then you realize your kid's not a baby anymore? Oops. But hey, we're busy. But I do truly believe in printed products and that too often, photographs get lost on your social media feed. As part of your experience, I'll help you figure out how you want to display your photos. I'll also design your album and show you what your walls could look like with your new photographs. This takes all the stress of designing and printing your own! All you have to do is show up.

Family Fine Art Photographer serving Dover, Portsmouth and the surrounding Maine and New Hampshire Seacoast

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